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Vanilla has always been my flavor of choice

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But it couldn't hurt to try a different flavor every now and again.

I just downloaded OpenRCT2 yesterday, and while I'm still used to the vanilla version, the new features such as hyperspeed and disabled clearance checks are certainly useful. I'm still figuring out which features cause the game to crash, such as the ones with the red warning boxes. 

These are some of my projects from standard RCT2. No cheats or expansions used.





I'll see what I can do without the clearance limitations.

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Oh my, you FINALLY joined! Welcome to the site mate! I'd critique your work, but you already know how I feel. I am mundo excited to see what you can produce with a little less limitation; because this, my friend, is far from average.


Once again, welcome! Happy to see ya here! If you have questions, do ask us! Enjoy.

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