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Fox Studios Resort China


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You are totally right. There have been some delay on the opening of the park.

I have been very busy lately and haven't found time to open the park yet and write a post about it. I will try to write it asap.

Thanks for your comment and stay tuned for the post about the opening!

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Hi all!

Today I can finally share the pictures of Fox Studios World China on its opening day. I apologize for the delay. We will see the entire park from 'land' to 'land' and see some of the attractions. Let's take a look!


This first picture is from the entrance of the park: Hollywood Plaza. The main information and guest relations building "Box Office" is seen at the left side, together with some backstage areas. Next to the "Box Office", the stage building for Pacific Rim - The Ride is visible, which is themed after an actual Hollywood studio's stage building. On the center of the picture we see the Fox Store, the place to be to buy your favorite Fox Studios World China merchandise! On the right side we see Big Apple Confectionery, which sets the stage for the New York area of the park, which is located behind the building. Let's move into Hollywood Plaza, to see the other parts of this area.


This picture shows the rest of Hollywood plaza on the left side, while the boardwalk on the center lake and the first parts of the London Landing can be seen at the right part of the picture. The entrance to Pacific Rim - The Ride (simulator) and The Martian - The Escape (launch coaster) are visible, and the main attractions of Hollywood Plaza. Additionally, guests can meet Mark Watney ("the Martian") next to the ride. The main eatery of Hollywood Plaza, Star Cafeteria, is the building in the middle of the picture. Here, guests can order typical Chinese food. On the right side of the picture, one of the restaurants of the London Landing can be seen, i.e. Queen's Corner, where fish & chips can be bought. The entrance of Ice Age Land is located in between Queen's Corner and The Martian - The Escape.


The London Landing is one of the most populair areas of the park. It is home to three rides: Kingsman, Titanic - The Story, and London Street Cars. Moreover, two restaurants, can be found here, i.e. Queen's Corner (quick service) and À la Carte (table service). The À la Carte restaurant is themed after the first class restaurant from the Titanic, while Queen's Corner is themed after an English pub. Huntsman and Titanic Antiques are the two gift shops.


This is a picture of Ice Age Land. We see the junior rollercoaster Sid's Crazy Logs and on the right top we see the meet 'n' greet location for all your Ice Age palls. The covered area of Ice Age Land, including slides, a skate rink, and other kiddie rides is located on the right side. The open area in the middle is dedicated for Ice Age Adventure, the ride that is postponed for the opening and should open within 2 years after opening the park. 

5a4809825344d_TheShire3opened.thumb.jpg.f974bda6390b18c8606e0587a5c2b132.jpgThese will be first pictures of "The Shire". In this thread I have not shown pictures of this area yet. The Shire is an area with iconic features from the Shire of the Lord of the Rings. It is aimed to be one of the most immersive experiences in the park, like "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" in Universal Studios and "Pandora - World of Avatar" in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Guests can visit their favorite places from the movies, like "The Dragon Inn" and "Bag End". But this area will also enable guests to experience new adventures, like in The Hobbit's Journey, a dark-ride rollercoaster, and Tales of the Shire, an immersive 3D experience. Of course you can meet your heros from the movie as well. The area has four attractions (besides the two aforementioned attractions also Briarwood Peep-weed Swirl and Bag End - Bilbo's House), one restaurant (the Dragon Inn), a gift shop (Hobbit Hole), a meet 'n' greet location, and stalls spread out in the area.


The entrance and show building to The Hobbit's Journey on the left side of the picture and the meet 'n' greet area on the right side of the picture.


The Briarwood Peep-weed Swirl, the meet 'n' greet location, and stands selling the shire's delicacies.


The last area of the park is New York. In this area there are three attractions (Night at the Museum, NYFD Fire Cars, and the Broadway Theater), two restaurants (Pete's Pizzeria and Big Apple Confectionery), and one gift shop (The Museum of Natural History Gift Shop). The Night at the Museum attraction is a dark ride, using trackless ride technology, putting the guests right in the middle of all the action. The NYFD Fire Cars is a kiddie ride, while the Broadway Theater hosts a magnificent show with popular Fox characters. The restaurants are both quick service restaurants, selling respectively pizza and sweets.

I'm curious what you guys think of the park? It has taken quit some time, but I'm very pleased by the result so far. As changes will be made to the park or resort, I will post more updates.


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