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  1. Hi all! Today I can finally share the pictures of Fox Studios World China on its opening day. I apologize for the delay. We will see the entire park from 'land' to 'land' and see some of the attractions. Let's take a look! This first picture is from the entrance of the park: Hollywood Plaza. The main information and guest relations building "Box Office" is seen at the left side, together with some backstage areas. Next to the "Box Office", the stage building for Pacific Rim - The Ride is visible, which is themed after an actual Hollywood studio's stage building. On the center of the picture we see the Fox Store, the place to be to buy your favorite Fox Studios World China merchandise! On the right side we see Big Apple Confectionery, which sets the stage for the New York area of the park, which is located behind the building. Let's move into Hollywood Plaza, to see the other parts of this area. This picture shows the rest of Hollywood plaza on the left side, while the boardwalk on the center lake and the first parts of the London Landing can be seen at the right part of the picture. The entrance to Pacific Rim - The Ride (simulator) and The Martian - The Escape (launch coaster) are visible, and the main attractions of Hollywood Plaza. Additionally, guests can meet Mark Watney ("the Martian") next to the ride. The main eatery of Hollywood Plaza, Star Cafeteria, is the building in the middle of the picture. Here, guests can order typical Chinese food. On the right side of the picture, one of the restaurants of the London Landing can be seen, i.e. Queen's Corner, where fish & chips can be bought. The entrance of Ice Age Land is located in between Queen's Corner and The Martian - The Escape. The London Landing is one of the most populair areas of the park. It is home to three rides: Kingsman, Titanic - The Story, and London Street Cars. Moreover, two restaurants, can be found here, i.e. Queen's Corner (quick service) and À la Carte (table service). The À la Carte restaurant is themed after the first class restaurant from the Titanic, while Queen's Corner is themed after an English pub. Huntsman and Titanic Antiques are the two gift shops. This is a picture of Ice Age Land. We see the junior rollercoaster Sid's Crazy Logs and on the right top we see the meet 'n' greet location for all your Ice Age palls. The covered area of Ice Age Land, including slides, a skate rink, and other kiddie rides is located on the right side. The open area in the middle is dedicated for Ice Age Adventure, the ride that is postponed for the opening and should open within 2 years after opening the park. These will be first pictures of "The Shire". In this thread I have not shown pictures of this area yet. The Shire is an area with iconic features from the Shire of the Lord of the Rings. It is aimed to be one of the most immersive experiences in the park, like "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" in Universal Studios and "Pandora - World of Avatar" in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Guests can visit their favorite places from the movies, like "The Dragon Inn" and "Bag End". But this area will also enable guests to experience new adventures, like in The Hobbit's Journey, a dark-ride rollercoaster, and Tales of the Shire, an immersive 3D experience. Of course you can meet your heros from the movie as well. The area has four attractions (besides the two aforementioned attractions also Briarwood Peep-weed Swirl and Bag End - Bilbo's House), one restaurant (the Dragon Inn), a gift shop (Hobbit Hole), a meet 'n' greet location, and stalls spread out in the area. The entrance and show building to The Hobbit's Journey on the left side of the picture and the meet 'n' greet area on the right side of the picture. The Briarwood Peep-weed Swirl, the meet 'n' greet location, and stands selling the shire's delicacies. The last area of the park is New York. In this area there are three attractions (Night at the Museum, NYFD Fire Cars, and the Broadway Theater), two restaurants (Pete's Pizzeria and Big Apple Confectionery), and one gift shop (The Museum of Natural History Gift Shop). The Night at the Museum attraction is a dark ride, using trackless ride technology, putting the guests right in the middle of all the action. The NYFD Fire Cars is a kiddie ride, while the Broadway Theater hosts a magnificent show with popular Fox characters. The restaurants are both quick service restaurants, selling respectively pizza and sweets. I'm curious what you guys think of the park? It has taken quit some time, but I'm very pleased by the result so far. As changes will be made to the park or resort, I will post more updates.
  2. You are totally right. There have been some delay on the opening of the park. I have been very busy lately and haven't found time to open the park yet and write a post about it. I will try to write it asap. Thanks for your comment and stay tuned for the post about the opening!
  3. Hello everyone, It has been a while since I uploaded a new update about Fox Studios Resort China. Progress has been steady and I can share some exciting news in this update. First, let's take a look at some of the pictures taken in the park. Today I can show you the first pictures of the junior rollercoaster at Ice Age Land: Sid's Crazy Logs. This junior rollercoaster is bought off the shelf, but highly themed to fit within the theme of Ice Age. On the top of the picture the meet and greet area for Manny, the lovable mammoth from Ice Age, is visible. It will be an interactive animatronic which will provide an immersive and interactive experience to the guests. Sid and Diego may be spotted here in the future as well. To the right, the Melting Caverns are visible. This is the indoor part of Ice Age Land. This building is filled with kid friendly attractions and even an ice skating ring. These second pictures show the backstage area, where the employees of the park will work, have a break or park their cars. The parking garage seen in the second picture is the employee parking garage. The buildings with the blue ceilings are the office buildings and employee break rooms, training facility, and cafeteria. This area is connected by busses with the Qingsheng Railway Station, so that employees commuting by public transport can easily go to the backstage area. Lastly, as promised in the beginning of this post, some exciting news will be given in this post. I can namely tell you all the opening date of Fox Studios World China. The park will open for guests on Friday 24 November. Prior to that, a press event will be held, which will also be covered here. Stay tuned for more updates and the press event!
  4. Hello! Another update from Fox Studios Resort China. Today I want to show the progress that is made on the E-ticket dark ride at Fox Studios World China: Night at the Museum. Night at the Museum is a ride that brings you right in the middle of the American Museum of Natural History in which all the exhibitions are alive. The ride uses new trackless technology, which makes the rider one with its surrounding. On this picture you can see two famous exhibitions from the movie: Rexy the T-Rex and the talking Easter Islands Heads. The carriages seem to float through the room. This makes the experience more interesting for the riders.
  5. Hi everybody, Another update today! Firstly, I have been working on the facades at the New York area of the park, and the facades are done. This means that the next phase (as well as in some other areas) will be placing the attractions. And, some of the park's highlight attractions have been physically placed! The ride track of The Martian - The Escape, the Kingsman attraction, and Titanic - The Story have been placed and the next phase will be to construct the remaining of the show buildings for these attractions. I am also glad to be able to show you a picture of the most dramatic scene from Titanic - The Story: the sinking scene. It's one of the few scenes that this attraction has to offer. I will try to place more attractions now, as well as the restaurants and shops in the park. Updates about this progress will follow!
  6. Hi Saxman1089! Thanks for your comments. I agree with you about the details (like benches, etc.). I prefer to add these at the end though, so don't worry, they will come. You're also true about the grey in the Hollywood Area. I will try to fix that as well, although I have a hard time working with the small color panel we got in RCT2 in order to find right colors. I will take your comments in mind in adding and changing things in the park.
  7. Hello everybody! I have been working a little on another part of Fox Studios World China, namely New York. This area will be home to the dark ride "Night at the Museum", a family attraction where the entire museum will come to live. Besides this attraction, a theater will be built in this area as well. This theater will host shows during the day. Moreover, FSR Design is currently thinking of an additional experience at this area, since there is space left. I cannot provide any details of this experience so far. I can, however, give you a teaser picture of the progress on the New York area so far. In this picture you see "Big Apple Confectionery", where you can find all kinds of sweets and snacks. Stay tuned for more updates from Fox Studios World China! And if you have a suggestion for an attraction that could fit in this area (preferably based on a (20th Century Fox) movie which is set in New York), please let me know in the comments section!
  8. Hello everyone. It has been awhile since I have posted an update about Fox Studios World China. I have been quite busy, but today I can provide a new update for the park. Let's look at the progress made on one of the lands of the parks: London Landing. This is the first picture of "London Landing". This area of the park will host two attractions: Titanic - The Story and Kingsman, two restaurants: The Queen's Corner and À la Carte Restaurant, and two shops: Titanic Antiques and Huntsman. One can actually divide the area into two subareas, the one which is focused on the Kingsman attraction and the other which is focused on the Titanic attraction. On the picture we see the Kingsman attraction and its giftshop, Huntsman, at the left side of the picture. At the most left side, you can see "The Queen's Corner", the quick service restaurant of the area. On the right side you can see the entrance of Titanic - The Story. It is themed after the harbor from where the Titanic set sail. One can see the bridge, from where guest could enter the Titanic. In the middle of the picture, you can see the luxurious table restaurant, À la Carte Restaurant. This restaurant is a replica of the À la Carte Restaurant from the actual Titanic. This second pictures gives a better look of the Kingsman attraction entrance (the white building in the middle). It is a replica of the actual Kingsman headquarters in London. Moreover, you can see the actual landing. More theming will be added. It will most likely be used as a spot to watch the evening show. At the most left of the picture, you can also see the entrance into Ice Age Playland. I will try to post a new update as soon as possible.
  9. There has been some progress made at Fox Studios World China. Let's see what! This picture shows the most important progress that has been made on Hollywood Plaza. On the top of the picture you can see the facade for The Martian - The Escape. The attraction will be built within a show building, that will be themed after a studio sound stage (studio 15). The entrance to the attraction has a futuristic look and it is surrounded by red dirt, making it a martian-like landscape. You can see that the ride building is not yet under construction. Furthermore, the picture shows the entrance to Ice Age Play Land. Adjacent to The Martian - The Escape entrance building, icy caverns will form the entrance into this land. The main restaurant of Hollywood Plaza, the Star Cafetaria, is also entirely completed. It is one of the centerpieces of Hollywood Plaza and will be perfect spot to have lunch or dinner at Hollywood Plaza. This picture gives a better look of how Hollywood Plaza will look like when it is entirely finished. It is the view from when you will enter the park. On the lower left side, the Pacific Rim - The Ride show building is visible, while you can see the Fox Store on the lower right side. The Star Cafetaria is in the center of the picture and on the upper left side the first building from the London Landing section of the park is visible. This will be "Queen's Corner" restaurant. It will be themed after a pub in London and you will be able to get some fish and Chips here, as well as other Asian food. This picture shows the way when you will leave the park. The back side of the Star Cafetaria as well as the Fox Store are visible. Also you can see the backstage areas behind Pacific Rim - The Ride and the Box Office building. Although most of the construction on this part of the park is completed, it is not entirely finished yet. You can expect to see more foliage and food and souvenir stands. These will be added later in the process of the construction of the park however. Construction on the other parts of the park is in progress and updates will follow!
  10. A small update from the Fox Studios World China again. The major quick service restaurant of Hollywood Plaza is finished. This will restaurant will be called "Star Cafetaria" and can be found in more Fox Studios World parks over the world. The restaurant is located next to Pacific Rim - The Ride, The Martian - The Escape and the Fox Store. The restaurant will offer Chinese food options, including Beef Noodles and Wonton Soup.
  11. Hi everyone! A small update today from the design lab of FSR Design from California. While construction is moving ahead in China, designers in California are working on their designs for all the rides that are going to be placed in Fox Studios World China. Today I can share with you the design that is made for The Martian - The Escape. This truly unique ride is specially designed for the new Chinese park. Ride design of The Martian - The Ride The rides starts with a dark ride part which leads into the brakes that will almost stops the vehicles from moving. Then, a LIM launch catapults the cars into ride. There the riders will try to escape Mars and connect safely onto the space station. The ride has a top speed of 78 km/h (48 mp/h) and has a total of 14 drops. I will post an update of the progress in the park as soon as possible!
  12. Hello everybody! It has been quite a while since I posted an update. I have been quite busy, but I can post a new update today of the entrance plaza of the Fox Studios World China theme park: Hollywood Plaza. In the picture above you can see the building that will be home to the largest store of the park: The Fox Store (currently the building's name is Box Office, but that will change). In this store you can find every souvenir and it will sell souvenirs that can only be found in Fox Studios World China. The Box Office building (current plaque on the building will change). The Box Office building hosts the information center of the park. You can find the park maps in multiple languages here, while you can also reserve tables at the restaurants of the park. Moreover, an ATM and First Aid post can be found here. The backstage area can be seen as well on this picture, with an entrance for employees and characters on the center bottom of the picture. An overview of Hollywood Plaza. The turnstiles and gate mark the entrance of the park, while the Fox Store and the Box Office Building are the first buildings (and last) that guests will see when they enter and leave the park. In the top right part of the picture you can see the first attraction of the park: Pacific Rim - The Ride. The show building of Pacific Rim - The Ride, which is still under construction. The attraction will be an simulator type ride, that brings you right into the action of the fights. You will board a Chinese Jaeger that will fight for the world's existence against Kaiju. I would love to put a Jaeger at the entrance, but I can't find a robot like unit for RCT2 unfortunately. Any suggestions for the entrance would be great (please leave them in the comment)! The entrance plaza will be extended with another attraction (The Martian - The Escape) and a restaurant. I will be working on that and the backstage areas. It takes pretty much time (which I actually not really have), so another update might take a while, but I will do my best to post one asap.
  13. Hello everyone! A short update from Guangzhou today. The construction on Fox Studios World has started and I can share a little sneak peek of Hollywood Plaza. You can see the entrance with the turnstiles and the plaza behind it. Moreover, the "Box Office" building is visible. This will be the information building for the park. The building is not entirely done yet, but work on Hollywood Plaza is progressing fast. More updates on Hollywood Plaza will follow soon!
  14. Hello everyone. Today I want to give an update about the master plan for Fox Studios Resort China. It will be a lot of text and less pictures, but this will be an interesting post for those who are interested in the background of the resort. Fox Studios Resort China is located in the metropolitan area of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is located in the South Eastern part of China and is one of the largest cities of the country. This specific area has been chosen to avoid competition of Shanghai Disneyland and Universal Studios Beijing. However, the area is known for a particularly high amount of theme park competitors (e.g. Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, and OCT Happy Valley Shenzhen to name a few). Despite this competition, the FSR Group has decided to construct the park in Guangzhou since it thinks it has enough competitive advantage over its competitors. This competitive advantage is derived from its eventual size. The resort will hold two hotels, an entertainment district, transportation center and a theme park when phase one is concluded. That is larger than the current resorts in the area. Moreover, due to its technologically advanced rides it is assumed that the resort can attract lots of visitors. More than it could when it would be located next to Shanghai Disneyland (too strong competitor) or Universal Studios Beijing (too similar competitor). The Pearl River Delta (the region in which Guangzhou is located) offers various other advantages for Fox Studios Resort China as well. It is one of the most populous regions in the world, estimating to have around 40 million inhabitants. Moreover, it has a good infrastructure of airports and railways connecting the region with the rest of China. The master plan of the resort is divided into two phases (I and II). Phase I will include the construction of the Hollywood Hotel (premium deluxe hotel) and the Fox Animation Hotel (family friendly hotel). Besides these hotels, the resort will also feature Century City with dining, shopping and entertainment options. Qingsheng Station is redesigned to accommodate a larger crowd and connects the resort to Guangzhou by rail and metro, and to Shenzhen and Hong Kong by rail. Moreover a bus terminal is built for tour busses and busses that will connect the resort to hotels and airports in the region. Last, but not least, the prime attraction of the resort: Fox Studios World China. This will be one of the most technologically advanced theme parks in the FSR Group portfolio. It will consist of several 'lands' and rides. These are the following: Hollywood Plaza: the entry plaza to the theme park, themed as 1920s Hollywood. Back Lot: a reconstruction of a real studio lot. The land will have two brand new attractions, nowhere to be found in any other FSR Group park. These are Pacific Rim: The Ride and The Martian: The Escape. New York: streets themed after New York. This part of the park will be home to Night at the Museum, which will be a dark ride through a living museum. The Shire of Lord of the Rings: Fox Studios World China will get its own land of The Shire. This is different than most other Fox Studios World parks, which have a 'Middle Earth' section instead of 'The Shire' section. The choice to do this is based on the fact that the Hobbit franchise was very popular in China. Therefore first the Shire will be built and possibly later an expansion with the Middle Earth sections will come. The land will have several FSR favourites, like The Hobbit's Journey rollercoaster and the fan favourite from Fox' World of Adventure London 'The Tales of The Shire'. London Landing: a recreation of London and its docks. Here people can experience 'Titanic: The Story', an amazing dark ride through the journey of the Titanic. Ice Age Play Land: an Ice Age themed land, designed especially for the little ones. The major attraction here will be Ice Age Adventure, a dark ride through the world of Ice Age. Additionally, there will be more kiddie rides here. This is the lay-out for the first phase of the park. In the descriptions above only the major rides are named and additional, smaller rides will be available too from opening day. Stay tuned for more updates of Fox Studios Resort China!
  15. Haha, no, but thanks for the compliment!
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