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  1. i will have a try the way you mentioned, thank you very much
  2. thank you very much my friend
  3. Hey, finally start with ORCT2 now. i firstly proposed some of my buildings which get ideas from the real buildings. The main idea is that want to establish my park around the 'railwat park' containing different object selections. however after finding the ORCT2 i find there are more element which i could make my park more amazing. but the thing is, even i look into the object selection (128 limits, 256limits, 128 limits), i am sincerely not sure whether i have selected the correct one. ( for example, i have selected the rolling the 20' centries, dark age them
  4. hi i am new to ORCT2 this, can i ask you about how to select the objtect pieces yet?
  5. hi, could you tell me what the elements (object) you have picked? thanks
  6. do tell me when the release is finished.
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