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ORCT2 failed to actually save file. It's a mystery

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I've been working on my dragon in my Train park for literally the last 8 hrs while saving quite often, (at least 100 saves) even up to the last couple minutes, then it crashed and failed to make a dump file, but now the last file save I have is dated yesterday 3/3/17 at 2:59 and no current file in in my system. How is it possible to not have any saves for the whole day? Does anybody possibly have a suggestion? I'm so bummed. Thanks.

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2 hours ago, Broxzier said:

Did it crash while saving? In that case the file might be deleted and then while trying to save it failed. Autosaves should not be affected.

@Broxzier.. No, it crashed after selecting themes and exiting object selector in the dev tools. I do not use auto save because I'm very conscious on my saves. So even though it may have been deleted, wouldn't the last force save still be available? If not, is it possible to go into the guts of my drive to recover the file with Windows console? 

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35 minutes ago, YoloSweggLord said:

Use file explorer to search your computer for the save file, if you remember what it is. It's possible that OpenRCT2 was in the wrong folder when it saved.

@YoloSweggLord.. Thanks..I searched all folders, all drives etc for a couple hours... I've never had a file completely vanish.. with my cad background I've never been shy when saving files.. it's almost like the file was saving to a non existent location some how. Even all virtual locations were empty. I've already started the rebuild with a secure folder and many saved as files.. so far all is back to normal. 

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