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No Data Disconnection Message


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It's not a massive issue at all. I feel many of the responses to this will mainly consist of 'just be more vigilant'. However a minor issue I have when playing online is not realising that I've disconnected from the server because of a lack of data connection. 

My problem is that I've gotten into a habit of clicking 'X' on the popup messages that appear mainly because they are usually just 'desync detected'. I sometimes get so focused on what it is I'm building, I don't realise it was a disconnection message until I'm either well into the construction or have completed it. Now when I say 'constructing' I mostly refer to scenery building and decoration. Those that have seen some of my previous works understand I don't just add a few trees, I mostly go all out on everything, so rebuilding it all again is quite a chore and really puts me off playing much longer after the discovery.

I have absolutely no knowledge on development or how feasible things are, but is it out of the question to request the disconnection message be a different colour? Say I see a red message box instead of the default blue, I would take more notice of it and be less likely to habitually discard the message without realising its true meaning.

As I said, it's only a triviality and I'm not sure many other users suffer similar problems. I just thought I'd throw in my two pence worth and see what responses I get.

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