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Increase water maximum level


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17 hours ago, X7123M3-256 said:

The code you're looking for is here. Water only has 5 bits of precision, so it does not have the same range as the base height (which is a byte). Therefore, the water height is limited to about 1/8th of the max land height.

1/8? Max land is 64, max water around 22-25 I forgot. that's around 3/8 ;)

I hope it can be changed, I hope, if can't then I can use water tile scenery

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4 hours ago, giraty said:

1/8? Max land is 64, max water around 22-25 I forgot. that's around 3/8 ;)

Actually, I made a slight mistake - although water only has 5 bits of precision, each unit stands for two clearances, so the total range of the water is 62 clearances, or 1/4 that of the land. Max land height is 255 clearances, but land heights should be even so that's 254 clearances, which is 180m or 600ft.

The highest the game will let me raise the water is 56 clearances, but in principle the limit should be 62 so a small increase is possible, but you're never going to be able to raise the water nearly as high as you can raise the land. The reason why the land height could be increased is because the game artificially limited it to less than what is actually supported (and still does - the cap was increased, but for some reason not removed. It currently stands at 106.5m or 320ft). Land heights could therefore be increased much further than they are now, but water heights are almost as high as they can possibly be without a new save format.

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