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New OpenRCT2 release: 0.0.6

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As @janisozaur stated on reddit:

Now that we are done with core of the game, we will try releasing it a little more frequently, until now it's taken us roughly half a year to do a release.
Due to that, there will be fewer new features each time, but they will reach broader audience quicker. We also hope to improve our release process, as it is not very sustainable.
Highlights this time include:

  • Greatly improved RCT1 import (huge thanks to /u/gymnasiast90)
  • Cut-away view (thanks /u/zaxcav)
  • Remember the LightFX stuff? It's been made available in builds we provide, but it is still a bit broken. (/u/QuiteSomeBiscuit we would appreciate your help with getting it back to shape).

There are many things improved, for a changelog of this version please see linked release page or check the full document: changelog.txt.
We would like to thank all contributors, testers and players of OpenRCT2 and wish you a happy time playing it.

Download: https://openrct2.org/downloads/master/latest

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Excellent changelog notes and Update !!! Much thank you's to all Developers, Contributors, question askers/suggesters and players too! This is a lot of work and I certainly appreciate it.

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