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BUG money bar czech language

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5 hours ago, Hurec said:

Hi , 

no idea? Thanks

It's an error in the localisation file for the Czech language.  This can be edited yourself to correct the issue without recompiling the game.

Edit the file <Openrct2>/data/language/cs-CZ.txt

Find the line:

STR_5151    :

This is the line that defines the thousands separator in the money.

Notice that there is nothing after the ":", not even a space - the separator is not defined.

Assuming " " (space) is the thousands separator used in Czech (which is what wikipedia says), change this line to:

STR_5151    : 

Note there is now a space after the ":".

Save this change.

Restart openrct2 and money will be displayed properly.

Edit: I've created PR #983 in OpenRCT2/Localisation that fixes this.

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