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Captain's Belt - 25 x 25


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I always wanted to build a pirate themed park. And here it is. Despite in being small the park has a lot more attractions to offer than the one in my thread before. On my last minutes of work I was kinda sad, that I have no space left anymore to build more stuff. Maybe I'll start my next one with a little bit more space.

I think that these "pirate" roofs are great. They are big enough to hide stations or shops easily and they have this messy look. I've added some plants on the walls and windows to make it all look more decayed. My favorite parts of the park are these 2 waterfalls at the edges. A great way to put attractions into highlight.

Enough talk. Here is the meat:

Full-size view of my park:


Transparent view for the underground coasters:


I'd be glad if you let me know what you think about it.

Have fun!

Captain's Belt.sv6

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He probably didn't have 792 kB left on his pc :P 


EDIT: Looks neat, but why did you leave the track go banked for such a while on the mine train? Wouldn't it be more fun for guests to have some little hills? Also that terrace to eat is not compatible with the current intelligence of the average guest, they keep getting stuck because they think they can jump of the thing.

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