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A small Intamin launched coaster


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I built this small Intamin coaster to try out the new launch pieces, but I found them rather ineffective - the train would not clear the hill even at the maximum setting, so they had to be augmented with a fast chain lift. Apparently, this is RCT1 behaviour, but I hope the option to increase acceleration can be added when there's a new save format. Also thanks to @YoloSweggLord for the improved LSM sprites - they look much better than the reused brake sprites previously used for launch pieces, and they don't glitch like scenery does.

There's lots of incorrect drawing in some of these screenshots - some of which was inevitable (like the loading gates), and some of it was because of an irritating bug that turns some of the lights off whenever the game is paused, so I was not able to inspect for glitches before taking the screenshot like I normally would.



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