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My First OpenRCT2 Scenario


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Before explaining the Scenario I'd like to deeply thank everyone who is building this mod. The features added so far are awesome and seem almost natural as if keeping the game in it's original form.


Since the scenario editor was equipped with a better bulldozer (let's just say). I decided to go for maximum size. Therefore, this is sort of a Work Bench and Regular Type Scenario.



Summery Beaches in the South

Freaky Fall Forests in the West 

Alpine slopes in the North

Lush Vegetation in the East

Strange Land Mass in the Middle (Fifth Season)


Note: Lots of land/construction rights to purchase.

Welcome to receive feedback. I'm hoping to make a more updated and detailed version soon.

Five Season Paradise Overview.png

Five Season Paradise V06.sc6

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Very very impressive first showing! I'm liking where this is going! I see that it'll be very detailed.


On another note: This, by wild chance, is very similar to my most recent scenario released dubbed 'Biome Quarters.' http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/16205 <<< Here's to look at it or download.

I find it interesting that they're pretty dern similar. 


Anyways, again, great job! I'll be looking to download this when finished!

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Downloaded Biome Quarters. They are definitely alike but at the same time very different.

Also, that website the Scenario was from. Bookmarked. Looks like it's got lots of goodies to browse. Thanks for the link.


On another note regarding my last post. I edited the scenario file. It should now read 'Five Season Paradise V061.sc6' as before it was '"" V07.sc6'.

The old file included part of my actual Park I was making. So if you happened to download it, well then .. you're special.


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