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Removing the toilet flush sound ?

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Hi !


First, thanks for creating OpenRCT2, what a great mod !


My question:

Is it possible to remove the toilet flush sound ?


If you have a small park with many people inside and like 4 toilets you get constantly bombarded with this awful toilet flush sound...

I feel like playing a toilet simulator instead of RCT2.


Thanks !

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Anyway, thanks for your answer. I dont use the launcher, so how can i update to the latest developer build or can i just swap that file responsible for the toilet sounds ?

Updating the game is as easy as downloading it for the first time. Just download it and install it over the old installation.

I highly recommend using the launcher for this to make sure you're always on the latest build. Just download and install (or just extract if you choose the .zip) the launcher for your oprating system: https://github.com/LRFLEW/OpenRCT2Launcher/releases

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