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Sherbywood Park- Scenario Based On Group Park 3


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I made this quick scenario based upon Group Park 3.  Sherbywood Park's best days are behind it and the park is now abandoned, with most rides closed, demolished, and scrapped.  Can you bring it back while preserving most of the historic buildings and keeping the overall theme?  You will need to have at least 2,000 guests by the end of October, Year 4, with a park rating of at least 600.  You start out with $20,000 and no loan, with the ability to borrow up to $20,000.  You can charge both park admission fees and ride fees, and although it's not a set objective, you have a goal of preserving as much of the existing buildings and landscape as you can. 


Sherbywood Park.sc6



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...Honestly, it seems more like a "Build your own Sherbywood Park" then an "Abandoned Sherbywood"

Most the buildings seem completely untouched, minus the fact that almost every ride, except the Monorail and Haunted Hotel are gone.

If you wanted it to have a more abandoned feel, I'd suggest replacing several buildings with piles of rubble, and making some of the still standing buildings have a few holes and more saturated coloration

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You should as imlegos said change a lot of walls and what not to make them look older and maybe even add very bright colors to look like it has graffiti on it. Staff should be fired and the High supports for Qin Dynasty wouldn't be standing if the track has been removed. Maybe even make some wooden structures look like they collapsed. I also think that more rides should've stayed, older looking dark rides don't have a purpose anywhere else and would only be destroyed for scrap metal which usually isn't worth it, wooden coasters or coasters with a very large layout also wouldn't get demolished. You could though, remove various parts of a coaster so that it doesn't function anymore.


But it's definitely a cool idea, I saw it on school and was really wondering what the park would look like!

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I've got a couple ideas on what you can do to fix the park so that it looks more in ruins. Make any and every ride that is still in the park that is colourable brown/green so that it gives the effect of rust and mold. Another way to make it more "dead" is to have some of the buildings into piles of rubble. A third option is have tons and tons of people come in, have no handy men, make them all hungry or thirsty and have them litter everywhere, same thing with vomit. Once that has happened (should it), remove a lot of the path to give the effect of being run down.


If you want a good idea at what I mean, go look up that RCT1 scenario 'Rotting Heights.' I've also got a scenario like this. Shall we see another updated file?


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