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Cannot find g1.dat

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Trying to download OpenRCT2, I've played it before, and then I got a new PC. I installed it with EXE, and kept everything as default. I try to run, but then it asks for a location, so I pick the Program Files folder of OpenRCT2, but it keeps saying Cannot find Data\g1.dat. Please help. Sorry if this seems like an easy fix and I just don't read anything.

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The location you need to provide is the location where you installed vanilla RCT2, not OpenRCT2. The exact location will depend on where you got the game from, but the directory will probably be called "RollerCoaster Tycoon 2", and it should contain the subdirectories "Data" and "ObjData", and the rct2.exe executable. Usually OpenRCT2 will locate your RCT2 installation automatically, but if it's in a non-standard location (as may be the case if you're not on Windows or you changed the default install path), then you will need to provide it manually.

If you don't know where it is, try searching your filesystem for "rct2.exe" or "g1.dat". (note, not g2.dat - this is part of OpenRCT2)

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