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Spread guests among thrill rides more evenly


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I have noticed that when guests enter your park, they usually head for the most exciting ride in the park (if not advertising another ride) while the other thrill rides with less Excitement rating usually get ignored. This is quite unrealistic and gets annoying as there is always 1 ride with 2+ trains get queue times of over 10 minutes while the other thrill rides don't even get full capacity with 1 train on the track. Guests in the overcrowded queue lines get angry make park ratings drop. In my opinion it would be a great addition to have the guests to choose to head for rides with lower Excitement ratings more often.

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I had a go and reopened my park and renewed all rides, a large portions of the guests still wanted to go to one certain ride. This ride is even a racing rollercoaster where the guests are heading specifically for the coaster which had 0.05 more excitement rating than its counterpart. Only a couple of individuals were heading for other thrillrides.

If this still is a my problem I still don't think it realistic for half of the visitors to hang around at the newest thrillride while there is much more good to ride.

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