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Some of my Parks


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I have played the RCT games since childhood, my skills with the game weren't that good. As soon as I got back into it in 2012 with RCT2, I got somewhat better.

Anyways, in 2012, I made a mediocre park called "OK America", supposed to be a parody of California's Great America, albeit nothing like the park, just randomly themed areas. It was bad, but I got back to working on the park. No custom stuff was used.

Around 2013, I once had a dream of building a huge, and I mean, a HUGE park (emphasis on "huge"), the first version of the "Mega Mega Park" was a flop, the second version was much better than the first version and OK America. I finished somewhere around mid-2014. This park has only 6 areas (2 small ones (1 being underground) and 4 big ones). Again, no custom stuff used.

Around April or May 2016, I found out about OpenRCT2 and well, had some improvements from the original RCT2 (though required in order to play its open-sourced version), then I started a huge project called "YottaByte Park", a reference on how big 1 YottaByte can be. Somewhere around August, my computer crashed, so I had to use some USB to SATA adapter to retrieve the park. I continued to work on it on October. Though the park isn't finished all because of a glitch where it crashes 1 second of opening it. I found out that there was a glitchy ride (after using the "remove guests" thing which closes all the rides, fixed the glitch, but don't know which ride is glitchy). Customs were used, they weren't the glitch. There are about 9+ themed areas, sorta.

I got the two for now, when I finish up YottaByte Park, I will have it up for download sometime (and maybe include some bonuses too). But for now, feel free to look at OK America and Mega Mega Park.



OK America.sv6

Mega Mega Park.sv6


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Fixed the glitch, now onto building up YottaByte Park
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I'll definitely look at them tomorrow! I will assume they are good, and that I will like them even if they aren't. I'm also sure that these bugs will be fixed soon, look out for the downloads that say these have been fixed. (Whenever they drop)


Speaking of mega parks......I may or may not come out with an entirely new mega park. It won't be crap this time. 😉😉(Whiskey Station has helped me so much).

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Cool. :) Although OK America was a pretty amateurishly built park, it has something good. The Mega Mega Park was an improvement over the last few parks. Once I fix my issues in objdata or whatever, I'll be sure to hopefully finish up with YottaByte Park and Gardenia Gardens (although there are no issues with Gardenia, so I could work on that for now as well).

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