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Camera Following Trains?


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Honestly, I haven't seen this idea yet (or at least for the first few pages I looked in), but I think this could be a feature that helps tracking trains while testing rides.

Yes, I'm fully aware of the "center camera" button in the ride window, but I think something like a "long-term" press/toggle would make viewing coasters a lot more fun. Think of pressing the "center camera" button really, really fast, and that's essentially the idea I've had. I've been playing RCT since I was like, 4, and I always considered this a cool feature that was never used.

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18 hours ago, YoloSweggLord said:

this already exists, at least within the ride window. Set the drop-down selection on the first tab to "train 1" (or 2, or 3, etc...) to follow that specific train within the viewport.

Not exactly what I meant, I meant like, having that small screen on the main screen.

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