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Crash Dump RIGHT On Startup

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I've been playing OpenRCT2 for months now, and I'm aware of many of the game-crashing bugs, but I really haven't come across that many, and usually ones that don't repeat the same offense... until now?

I open the game and I immediately hear an error noise, and for some reason I can't alt-tab my way on the error window without it flickering on-screen for a mere fraction of a second before returning to black. Honestly, the only words I'm able to read out were "crash dump" and I read the bugs forum for a while and began to understand, only none I see are to the degree of what I'm experiencing.

I've read I had to put files in a ZIP file, but I wasn't sure exactly what files, so I just put my entire OpenRCT2 directory (with the DMP included) in a ZIP file.

Hoping to figure out what I can do next.



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It should have opened the folder with the crash dump and saved game selected. For future reference, the only files we need are:

  • 43026b2c-b651-4a36-8add-bebaad50c195(27549e9).dmp: dump file, contains information about the crash
  • 43026b2c-b651-4a36-8add-bebaad50c195.sv6: the scenario at the time of the crash

You can probably remove all the other .sv6 files in your OpenRCT2 folder. It looks like you've got quite a few crashes.

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