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Then classic Maze bug

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Hello there, i decided to put this down because i'm not sure if it's noted yet, but since the game's release, there has been a small graphical bug with the maze ride. This bug causes guests to walk through a part of the maze that appears not to be possible. To create this, you need to build a maze, then you need to have 2 walkable spots with a hedge spot between them (Square not wall) you then move to this spot, but not while making the pathways, then make the pathway to one of the spots. if done correctly, guests can walk through this spot which looks like a hedge.

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Here, i typed it in text for you:>walk|hedge|walkwalk|>hedge|walkwalk|<hedge|walkwalk<|hedge|walkwalk>|hedge|walkwalk|>hedge|walkwalk|<hedge|walkwalk|hedge|<walk>moving<Pathingwalk: Space that is shown to be walk able(normally brown dirt floor)Hedge: a quarter tile with just the hedge shownEach word is a quarter tile.I'll be back with pictures possibly

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Here's it in words:First, you need to be hovering over a hedge space, then you select the pathing tool, and move away from it, this should cause one space to look like this: __|__And the other to be a hedge space.Now move back to the hedge space, but without the pathing tool, then do the same in another direction.It should work then.

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