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Twitch integration and guests


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(There's a Github thingy? Didn't notice...)After testing the Twitch integration feature, a certain idea came into my mind:(limited) Guest control!You could somewhat maneuver your little fella through the Twitch chat, using commands, as long as your Twitch name is also in the game (assuming that at least one of the options to name the guests with the usernames is ticked) and this option is enabled.It doesn't have to be like "!move up" and and precise content, but instead there could be some commands that can allow the viewer to almost fully interact with the park, ranging from navigating around rides to living the life of a sim.Of course, the AI doesn't have to be changed, because all this should do is force the little person to think that it is aiming to a certain goal, but instead of being random, it is being forced by the game.I thought it would be a good idea if the streamer wanted to interact with the viewers, or the viewers wanted to interact with the streamer, or both.Initially, the guest enters the park and starts roaming."track" (Makes the game notify you about your guest when neccesary, as to not spam the chat. E.g. death, no more money.)"info" (Check the information of your person, inventory, status, money...)"info set <detail> <value>" (Sets something about the person, may it be colors, status, preferred rides...)"enter <ride>" (To enter a ride, or the queue of it, or buy something from somewhere)"leave <ride>" (To leave the ride or the queue of it, if possible)"goto <ride>" (To head to a specific place without interacting with it. Once encountered, start roaming again)"about <ride>" (Gives some information about the ride, item color if applicable, price, and ratings if applicable)"sit <time>" (Makes the person sit on a seat-bench if it encounters one in its path, for some seconds. Default time, if no time is specified. Max time maybe?)"stand" (Makes the person leave the seat-bench, or cancels the action to sit if the person didn't sit already)"eat" (If you have food on your hands, you might want to eat it instead of carrying it everywhere)"release" (Have a balloon? Let it go, let it go! Can't hold it anymore!)"rides" (Shows all the available rides/attractions if you have a park map)"think <input>" (Forces the person to think about input)"shout <input>" (Game message: One of your guests needs help or something)"favourite" (If there are no arguments, shows your favourite ride)"favourite <ride>" (Was that ride your favourite? Annotate it then. If that's not a ride, nothing happens)"follow <a person>" (The person is a ride. Get to him)"roam" (Cancel whatever you might be doing right now and start walking aimlessly)"stop" (Stand still. If a player is building something nearby, take out a camera and take several photos)"run" (GOTTA GO FAST! Move faster)"walk" (Gotta be normal, and move normally)"park leave" (Leaves the park. You need more money maybe?)"park enter" (Enters the park if guest already left)"role <whatever>" (Hey, why not let some players be part of the staff? Inspecting, fixing, cleaning, mowing... You cannot leave the park though, nor think, nor whatever a normal guest can do. You can still roam around and try to do something that the staff can do and is programmed to do, however. You must resign to be normal again)"resign" (You're fired, now you're a normal guest)By the way, all of the commands could be enabled or disabled at will, some commands might expect others to be available and hence toggling one could make a group of other commands get toggled too. For example, "resign" expects "role" to be enabled, because there's no point in resigning if you cannot be the staff. And "park enter" expects "park leave" to be enabled, because you cannot enter if you cannot leave.As stated above, if you don't want viewers to use these commands, you can simply disable the feature. All controlled guests will eventually finish what they were doing and start being part of the AI-controlled group again.If your person dies, you can simply enter the park again with the dedicated command, or if it's disabled, enter automatically as if you warped to the entrance before you died. You could be told you died, or you died and you're back on the entrance of the park.The streamer can control your actions with menu buttons, for example if one of the viewers is suddenly a mechanic, you can fire that person and make it a guest again. And ban him from being the staff again.Well, that's what I thought. I just thought something like this could be done when the important stuff about the game is already done. It would be amazing as a feature for those that might want to mess with non-AI guests, or wants to use their own (twitch) account to enter their own park and navigate as some sort of VIP or act as a guest, without having to worry about building and fixing and put commercials, but instead about playing and walking and spending and enjoying and exploiting it to buy the same thing thousands of times just for the sake of more money for the park.Sorry for any grammar mistakes I might have made, my native language is not english and I haven't used any translators.And sorry for the collosal wall of text, I wanted to be as detailed and "creative" as possible. I had the idea, and I couldn't resist.

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I'm probably the only one that dosen't really like this idea that outside input into the game can just feel like it'll mess up the flow of the game. I'm not saying I hate it but it kind of takes away the barely human AI from guests themselves to make their desicions, plus the chat would consist of nothnig but commands and you'd pretty much lose your audience that isn't a fan of TwitchPlays.Even though those descisions are basically sliders and checks.And I'm probably not popular enough to even be effected by a Twitch audience telling their guests to sit almost indefinitely.And never will be.

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That's a fair point, both Mew and Rune. I think having just the less intrusive ones would be nice at least, like release, think, info, etc.(Or an option to have the more intrusive ones. It's up to the streamer to enable the integration in the first place, after all.)

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