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Guests just won't leave

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Apparently my park visitors don't want to leave EVER again, even denying them access to toilets doesn't seem to work.The only thing that really makes them leave is a completely drained happiness meter, but that just makes them vandalize the entire park. Even when using the "remove vandalism" cheat, it's just a matter of seconds before everything is smashed apart again xDMaybe you could make it so they leave as soon as they run out of cash or something? The biggest problem with this the overcrowding, followed by vandalism, then followed by huge losses because no new people come to the park.

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Oh alright. Didn't see that bugtracker thingy before. Thankies.I also just followed one of my visitors around for a while, and his/her happiness suddenly dropped from maximum to complete zero from one of the "It's too crowded here" thoughts. But for now I'll just skim through the GitHub page, I suppose. Keep up the good work, guys~This is already pulling me away from RCT3 xD

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