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Combined Tracks

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You can build coasters with multiple types of tracks by enabling zero clearance (at least, I know it used to be possible, don't know if it still works since the zero clearance system has been changed)There's a video from PFCKrutonium which shows you that, someone else here might explain is a bit better since I've never done it myself...[yt]41iXJFhnNDE[/yt]

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Merging is a hacky process and requires intermediate to advanced knowledge about the game. It's most often done with the unmodified RCT2 and 8 cars per trainer. It's not something you usually start with when you enter the (wonderful) world of RCT(2) hacking.Currently there are some issues with ghost pieces being created when doing merging in OpenRCT2. OpenRCT2 might gain a bit better support for merging if I get the time, though there are plenty of things with higher priorities on my list. Two things are already here: OpenRCT2 doesn't set the reliability of hacked rides to 0% (anti-cheat code in RCT2) and has built-in support for zero clearance: it's in the Cheats button dropdown. (If you don't see a Cheats button on your top toolbar, you have to enable it in the settings.)

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