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Childhood Dreams Came True

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I always wanted to play this game multiplayer, in this exact format, with my friends. When it came out, I was unbelievably excited, and so far, it has been everything I've wanted it to be. One of those friends and I recorded our gameplay a bit. He's pretty trolly, so it gets kinda hilarious and/or infuriating, depending on how seriously you take the game.

Note: NSFW language. Sorry! We couldn't help ourselves; it's just so fun!


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3 hours ago, Broxzier said:


Glad to hear you're so excited about it :P

Edit: At 6:57 you mention an assertion has failed, this happened when you hired a handyman? Or did you do something else?

The other player Casey tried to hire a handyman. I was the server, so he was connecting as a client. We've found that staff in general is fairly buggy, either crashing the game or, more often, not actually placing down the staff after hiring them when it's a client that hires the staff.

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