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Maybe a workaround for desync


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Hey there,

I was playing with my mate and just discovered some desyncs... We are aware that there are some problems, which causing this desyncs and just reconnecting every 10 mins after a desync is awkward.
So there is a method in code which determines the desync (so the player see the desync text). Maybe the devs can write a new function/method, which is called by the "desync info method" and just disconnect and reconnect the client... The methods for disconnect and connect just exist...Maybe the client have a little lag but is after a sec or so just synced again.

It is just an idea, but maybe a easy sollution for now... I don't know how many work it needs for this to code.

What do you think?

Greetz from Germany


BTW this project is awesome and we both love the mp part!!

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Desync occurs when the client and the server do not have exactly the same map. Theoretically, both the client and the server should be returning the same output because they are receiving the same input, but in practice, this is not always the case. Usually desync is a minor issue such as peep positions or coaster timing, as some randomization plays a part in that. You can usually just ignore desync and continue playing. In rare cases, it can cause some weird side effects (objects existing server-side but not client-side) but for the most part desync is minor enough to be ignored.

While your idea does make sense, I think it would cause more than "a bit of lag," especially on slow connections and maps with high amounts of custom content. As long as "stay connected after desync" is checked in the options menu, you should be fine continuing with desync, as the information still flows between the client and server.

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Thanks for your opinion...

Yeah we just test it with some small scenarios. Just disconnect and reconnect again. It really is just a few seconds. I don't know about bigger maps though.

If we doesn't reconnect, after 10 min of desync, our money is really different and if one have enough money to build but the others don't there are some real problems cause of unbuilt rides.
Maybe there is a way to implement this function optional to test it out (just like the "keep connected after desync").

I am thinking of the game "The Guild II" where a window appear, which is saying "Waiting for server to answer" or something similar. I would rather wait a few seconds than manually reconnect everytime.
Maybe this option would help more guys in this community ;)

Hoping in the future that there is no desync :D

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Its been discussed a bit how to temporarily solve de-syncs but most got de-voted

Adding a reconnect feature got devoted from how it could be abused and non bandwidth friendly

Having the server wait to let clients catch up would annoy the community with servers with more players


Its being worked on solving de-sync problems and quite a few have been bashed :)

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