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Weird installation glitch

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For some reason, after i installed and uninstalled my first installation of openrct2, whenever i install it again it installs the wrong .dat file and as such, the game is unplayable. Any ideas on what happened or ways that i may be able to fix this?


EDIT: I remember fiddling with the data folder before i uninstalled it, but i don't remember exactly what i did.



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Yes, you've pointed it at the wrong directory. You need to select the directory where you installed vanilla RCT2, not OpenRCT2. The correct directory should contain the rct2.exe executable and the subdirectories. "ObjData" and "Data". The g1.dat file should be inside the "Data" folder. Do not select the installer for RCT2 (as some have tried to do) - you need to point it at the actual installation. Search your computer for "rct2.exe" if you are not sure where this is.


g2.dat contains extra sprites added by the OpenRCT2 project and isn't present in vanilla. If you see that, you're looking in the wrong place.

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