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Increased lift hill speed of Splash Boats


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As far as I'm aware, this little problem is a "feature" in RCT2, so I figured a suggestion to address it goes under Ideas rather than Bugs&Feedback.

Anyway, Splash Boats. Interesting attraction. They've got huge boats, steep drops, turns and not much else, but they're popular with peeps and make good money. One little aspect about them kind of bugs me, though: Their lift hill speed is pre-set and stuck at 1 km/h. I propose raising this to a more standard 6-8 km/h, if not making it adjustable. A fully loaded Splash Boat is heavy and taxing on lift hill motors, that's true, but not nearly as heavy as, say, a fully loaded 4D coaster train. We see implications of lift hill motors more than strong enough to accelerate a Splash Boat to a passable speed.

So, what do you say? Is there room in the code or save file format somewhere to speed up these boats a little?

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As I said last time this feature was suggested, this is down to an interesting quirk of the splash boats (and log flume) - they don't actually have a lift hill. The game considers these powered rides - what looks like the lift is just the standard uphill slope piece for that track type. You will see this if you use the cheat to put a coaster train on that track - it will not climb the lift, it will just roll back. This also means that if you use a cheat to make a splash boat train of more than 1 car or build a steeper incline, the boats are unable to climb it at all.

Therefore, there are two ways to speed up the splash boats - you can either use the "Allow chain lifts on all track pieces" to make the track an actual lift hill, at which point the trains will climb at the speed the lift is set to (though I don't think you can adjust lift speed for rides which don't normally have a lift - this was an oversight when that cheat was implemented and should probably be fixed), or you can edit the speed and acceleration values for the vehicle (there is no cheat to do this, I implemented one but it was not merged). This latter method is difficult to get right, can be unstable and will reset if the ride is closed, so I would prefer the first unless you want the boats to go faster on level track as well.

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10 hours ago, Culbrelai said:

Yeah I would like this as well, even if it means editing the ride, since splash boats seem to be one of the few rides you can get "Ultra-Extreme" excitement on, the problem is they usually last 4+ minutes so guests get unhappy, part of that is the lift hill sequence.

You got ultra-extreme on a splash boats? Normally that sort of rating is only seen on large coasters. Then again, I've lately learned that you can get so much bonus for scenery and landscaping almost anything can get an excitement in the high 9s if you really go for it. Nonetheless, as I pointed out above, if you want to make the lift faster use the "allow chain lift on all track sections" cheat. Making it so you could adjust lift speed on the splash boats without that cheat would do nothing, since there is no lift on the splash boats unless you use that cheat.

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