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Program Won't start

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Okay, so I just downloaded this today and put the files into a directory on the same drive as my RCT2 copy when it gives me the message that it cannot locate the directory folder and asks me to locate it. So I do it and then it says it won't start because it can't find g1.dat


I tried copying and pasting the g1.dat file from the RCT2 game data folder and it got rid of the error. However, the program boots up a prompt and a blank window which runs for a second and a half and then closes on itself.


Can someone tell me if anyone else here has a similar experience?



Win10 64 bit

RCTOpen Version:


If you need any more info, don't hesitate to ask

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Hi there. I am only an "apprentice" on this website, but i can tell you that i too had some problems when i first installed open rct2 to my computer. I am currently running windows vista 32-bit on a laptop with original rct2openrct2, and openrct2 launcher installed. I now exclusively use the launcher when i want to play openrct2. Running the launcher is similar to running plain openrct2, but the launcher will update itself to the fullest/most current version of openrct2 automatically about once or twice a day (right after you've opened it), so you will often see it download a new version of itself right after you've launched the launcher. This is convenient because you will always have the latest, fullest version of openrct2 installed to your computer. The only downside of using the launcher is that it doesn't open right away if you are "offline", (it takes about 30 seconds to open if you are "offline")

Downloading and installing the newest launcher of openrct2 and plain openrct2 may add some necessary files to your openrct2 folder(s) which should install, or be installed to your c:\users\"self(yourname)"\documents\openrct2 folder, and also to C:\Program Files\OpenRCT2\.   For some reason this is the way openrct2 installs, it adds a folder at 1.- c:\Program Files\openrct2 or (\openrct2launcher), and also a folder at 2.- c:\users\"self(yourname)"\documents\openrct2. I do believe you need both of these folders plus 3.- original roller coaster tycoon at c:\program files\infogrames interactive\rollercoaster tycoon2\   intact for openrct2 to work. So if you don't have these three folders you may have a problem. If you don't have a "users" folder on your computer\desktop, and if you are not the computer's "administrator", this may also cause a problem.

This being said, i do believe you would have the best luck installing the launcher because it seems to contain more files than the regular open roller coaster tycoon 2 installer.  The launcher can be found at https://github.com/LRFLEW/OpenRCT2Launcher/releases/tag/v0.0.5 (or through the downloads [email protected]) and for a windows computer you simply need to install: https://github.com/LRFLEW/OpenRCT2Launcher/releases/download/v0.0.5/OpenRCT2Launcher-win.exe.


The G1.dat file should only be in your original rct2 folder in: C(or whatever your drive name is):\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2\Data. There is no "G1.dat" in any of the openrct2 folders, only a "G2.dat" which is in C:\Program Files\OpenRCT2\data and at C:\Users\"you"\Documents\OpenRCT2\bin\data. I wouldn't try copying and pasting files and folders here and there to get openrct2 to work, this shouldn't be necessary, and if it is than you've probably installed or done something wrong. 

By the way, openrct2 isn't using your original rct2.exe to launch openrct2.   To launch openrct2, you are using the openrct2.exe file from either C:\ProgramFiles\OpenRCT2\ (regular version) or C:\Program Files\OpenRCT2Launcher\ (launcher version), but having original rct2 installed is currently necessary for openrct2 to work. Create a shortcut of the openrct.exe (preferably from the launcher folder c:\programfiles\OpenRCT2Launcher) and place it on your desktop (if the install has not already done this for you). This will be what you click on to play openrct2.

Also; don't be afraid to completely uninstall and then reinstall all versions of rollercoaster tycoon2 (including openrct2) to get openrct2 to work. Doing this may help to fix your problem. 

For further advice on running open roller coaster tycoon 2 regarding windows updating, visual c++, etc., you can read my response to user "alflav" at https://openrct2.org/forums/topic/1447-crash-on-launch/

I do realize that you are using a 64-bit windows 10 computer (which i am not familiar with) and my advice may be completely useless and irrelevant, but these are things that have helped me to run openrct2 on my windows vista 32-bit computer.

Good Luck.



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If you had actually read the g1 dialogue box it says choose the directory where rct2 was installed not where openrct2 is installed. We use g1.dat to verify the directory is correct so by moving it into openrct2 you broke the directory checker.

Delete g1.dat from the openrct2 folder and when the prompt occurs again select the folder where g1.dat is located.

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