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Guest Entry Point Problems

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I recently downloaded the new developmental version to take advantage of no park borders. I am having a lot of problems with the guest entry points. The game will not allow me to place them on the edge of the map unless the property isn't owned (which defeats the purpose of removing the god-awful park border fence). Is there a trick to this?

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If the game doesn't allow entry points on owned tiles (which seems logical to me, they need to enter through the park entrance or the peep AI logic will be broken), enable sandbox mode through the cheats dropdown menu, then go to the map and edit the park borders near the park entrance. You can hide the lovely park border fence with scenery.

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The guest entry point(s) can't be an owned piece of property. You could use an invisible entrance and place it on the second tile from the edge. The entrance path tile and the tiles on each side of the entrance tile can't have anything on them at ground level. All three entrance tiles can be covered with scenery 6 units above ground level even if the entrance is invisible.

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