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Installation directory?

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You need to edit config.ini and change game_path to the location where RCT2 is installed (if you use the launcher, I think you can set the game path there instead). The directory you select should contain the rct2.exe executable, and the subdirectories "Data" containing the files g1.dat and several files of the form css<number>.dat, and "ObjData" containing a large number of .DAT files. It is not the directory where you installed OpenRCT2 (some people seem to have got those mixed up). It is also not the location of the game disk or installer.

The path to this directory depends on where you got the game from - normally, it would go somewhere in C:/Program Files, but if it's installed in the default location OpenRCT2 will normally find it automatically, so this probably means you've installed the game somewhere else (on another drive, perhaps?). If you can't find it, search your computer for rct2.exe.

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Are you sure the game is actually installed? Some people have tried to point OpenRCT2 at the installer or the disk mount point- OpenRCT2 can't make use of those files directly as they are in compressd format, you need to actually run the installer.

For me, the game was located at C:/Program Files/Infogrames/RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. This was the disk version, if you got the game online it might be installed somewhere else. If you have a shortcut for RCT2 somewhere on your desktop, you should be able to right click it and see where it points to. If all else fails you could try reinstalling RCT2 and making a note of where it's installing files to.

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