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Crash when building a steep slope in Junior roller coaster

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44 minutes ago, BlazingEmpireHD said:

This is because RCT2 was adapted from RCT1 to be unable to have these features. The boys at OpenRCt2 haven't made it be possible either. I'd like to have both of these features on the junior coaster, but for the moment, ya just have to stick with the lame boring tracks.

But it works normally when it's in a normal angle. and by that i mean this


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1 hour ago, BlazingEmpireHD said:

The boys at OpenRCt2 haven't made it be possible either.

This is incorrect - steep slopes were made available on the Junior coaster two months ago. The junior coaster track shares sprites with the water coaster so these pieces could be added relatively easily. However, for whatever reason, they forgot to include the diagonals. The required sprites for diagonal tracks are in the game, so I think this should be considered a bug. I will submit a pull request to fix it.


EDIT: The PR has now been merged. Updating to the latest version should fix this problem.

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