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Help. Cannot play!

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9 hours ago, CharlieP said:

By not playing the game, what exactly do you mean. It won't open and gives an error msg. is this correct? What s the msg?

This is a picture that I took of the issue


Screenshot (1).png

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Are you on the latest version? The bug has already been fixed. If that doesn't help, could you provide some more info on when it started happening? (Did you download new custom content (directly or through a save/server)? Did it happen after an update? Did you mess with some files manually?) Also include the commit hash (if on develop version) visible in the lower left corner of the main menu (edit: not needed if you provide a dump).

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@Susrussr Most devs use GitHub to help, can you please continue your opened Issue, https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/3956:)

Please fill in this form correctly in that issue too:

**OS:** [e.g. Windows 10]
**Version:** [e.g. 0.0.5]
**Commit/Build:** [e.g. 426e106]

[Explanation of the issue...]

- [ ] Reproducible in RCT2 (vanilla)?
- [ ] Multiplayer?

**Steps to reproduce:**
1. [step 1]
2. [step 2]

**Dump file**
[If you have a dump file: zip it before you drag & drop it here.]

**Screenshots / Video:**
[Drag & drop screenshots here. Use https://vid.me to upload video.]

**Save game:**
[Change the file extension to .txt or package to a .zip so that it can be drag & dropped here...]


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