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imlegos Terrain Block Set!

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Hello everyone, you may or may not remember me asking about the location of server downloaded objects, and shortly after finding them, I posted an image of a group.

Well, I've finally gone and completed that group, and I proudly present to you: imlegos Terrain Block Set V2



Set contains the above object selection.

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I intend for this to be added to at least Rapid Group 1, along with a new area themed to either mining or just advanced terraforming. Heck, Maybe even just make a mountainous area to have a second go at an "Expedition Everest" type ride. Snow parts are included in this.

Also, there are water pieces that would work with these pieces, however, I did not include them due to limiting the objects in the list.

Another note: The grass blocks sadly have a black boarder effect on them, so if anyone has border-less grass blocks, it would be appreciated if you could come forward.

(Blind also saw this and said if I made a map for him with this in it, he would use it in a Multiplayer session.)

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