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Let's count from 1 to 1 million

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Please, no.

Copied from another forum (and modified the names in it):

Forum games are a fun way to engage the community. "The community" being a plurality of forum visitors - not only one or two bored posters having a discourse in a thread with little or no relevance to all other community members.

Bear in mind that the primary purpose of the forums is a place for discussion of OpenRCT2. To this extent, the small talk and offtopic board and topics here are mostly to keep other boards on-topic and not to encourage frequent posting and activity to drive posting solely for the purposes of posting (and increasing post counts or forum bandwidth).

All other forms of frequent posting both here and in other forums are also discouraged. Please think about what you have to say, say it once and wait for others to follow up. There is no need to repeatedly state the same content in multiple posts.

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^ this

Forum games are allowed, but 'games' like this are just spammy...

Here are some ideas for games you may want to play if you feel like it:
* Lie To Me - you post 3 things about yourself, people guess which is the lie.
* Describe the poster above you 
* The Rhyming Game - each poster gets one line, must rhyme with the above. A new sentence = a new rhyme
* Screengrabs - post pics of screengrabs from a film, people have to guess which film
* 3 word story - each poster gets 3 words to add to a story
* 6 Degrees - my forum is a matrix forum so we play 6 degress to the matrix cast - name one actor and a star from the matrix, users have to connect 

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