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3 hours ago, newton27 said:

I've played RCT since it came out.. just not multiplayer.

I would like to see the option to set a ride to a certain mode, after it's build and to protect from others.

In one simulation game I play there is an option to make it "historic" and not destructable.

Be nice to have an Admin option to set rides to not removable once locked.

You can kind of get that by removing users perms to delete rides.  It's still a good Ida for a feature, through- file a request on GitHub so the devs can see it and add it to their list.

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Just now, newton27 said:

As soon as I can get them.

I have figured out how to keep most out. Checking the chat logs I see others come in when I have left the game to run and then take the necessary steps with their hash info. I'm also running two free servers and collect hash info for people hell bent on destruction, adding that info to a massive users.json file.

I'm sure new options will be along soon.

Password changes on the game server when compromised, all members are emailed a new password.

I should clarify- by mods, I mean moderators, not mods to the game itself.  Although, all these other things are good for keeping out trolls, too.

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