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Makeshift Forest (Park)


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(goal is set to 1250 peeps by year 5 with 600 rating)

I believe this park is 150x150 (not 100% sure). In it are 2 flat rides, one bumper boat, and a wooden roller coaster. All surrounded by a forest (when in doubt... TREES). Feel free to download and play it yourself. Leave your feedback and send me some ideas. Thanks.

Download below!

Makeshift Forest.sc6







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27 minutes ago, daniel753429 said:

Seems like a nice park! But when i try to open it, openRCT just shuts down.

Oops, reverted to stable and then it tells me i need the expansion, for wich i lost the disc :/

If you want to buy it again, Steam and GOG have cheap copies (and are even cheaper when frequently on sale).

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