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    Micro River Park

    Here is a little park i made. This is mostly just to view, but i did add a small challenging goal to this. *Goal: Build 10 Roller Coasters with at least a 6.00 rating* DOWNLOAD Micro River.sc6
  2. It would be extremely useful and time-saving if we had some sort of a copy and paste feature. Example: I like to use this square of bushes and flowers to fill up space. It would save a bunch of time if we could copy a square or two and simply click a button to lay them down.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently working on more parks. I'll make them more goal related than just sandbox style.
  4. It's mostly a build-for-fun kinda park, but the goal is set to 1250 peeps by year 5 with 600 rating. There's also no research. I made all rides available right away.
  5. MAKESHIFT FOREST (goal is set to 1250 peeps by year 5 with 600 rating) I believe this park is 150x150 (not 100% sure). In it are 2 flat rides, one bumper boat, and a wooden roller coaster. All surrounded by a forest (when in doubt... TREES). Feel free to download and play it yourself. Leave your feedback and send me some ideas. Thanks. Download below! Makeshift Forest.sc6
  6. In the OpenRCT2 intro (before you start a game) I noticed that some of the parks are pretty sweet. Is there any way to download the parks in the menu screen? I would love to see them make their own "Story Mode" out of them.
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