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Since we've got a lot of great builders in the community which different strengths and weaknesses, I thought it would be a good idea if we just shared any building tips we have. Mine:

-If trying to build more realistic coasters, look at the six flags parks in game. They give a pretty good idea of how to make better-looking coasters. Another idea is to look at aerial photos of real coasters, something I do a lot. Some of the coasters will seldom fit on a grid but that's a good opportunity to make the design your own, by adding new elements that do fit. Also remember that less is more. A good coaster is not a scrambled mess of elements, its more organized. Instead of building a twister coaster from scratch, build an element or something eye-catching and see the rest of the coaster as connections between elements, as elements like cobra rolls grab your attention and encourage people to ride.

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