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Can Only Use One Vehicle Type

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Hey guys,

So, this happens with every version I download, but I'm on build 40253a7.

I create a scenario that has multiple vehicle types available for coasters, but when I build the coaster, only one vehicle type is available and there's no drop down to select other types. Anyone else have this problem?

I tried taking screen shots, but they're not saving for some reason... 


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22 minutes ago, imlegos said:

Are they the same coaster?

Did you setup the inventions list properly?

Have you tried using the "Enable all ride vehicles" cheat?

Yes, I checked all types of wooden coasters and all inventions ready at start. I try not to check "Enable all ride vehicles" cheat, because I don't want the game to crash. Besides, I shouldn't have to check that anyway if I set everything up properly for those rides, which I just double checked by creating another scenario and following all those steps.

I've found that if I don't check the first available vehicle type of Wooden Coaster, then whatever comes next in the list is the available vehicle type, with no others available.

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I have something similar happening. I have both suspended swinging cars and suspended swinging airplane cars in my current inventions list.

When I select a s-s coaster I one have 1 car type to select from - airplane cars. I have the same trouble with wooden coasters, only articulated is there.

If I look at the opening black dos box I have an error "ERROR src\ride\ride.c:7752 (ride_set_vehicles0]]: Invalid vehicle type". This error message occurs 9 times each time you place and open a ride to change the car type. Here are screen shots.

I didn't have a problem with B&M wing, Floorless, hyper twister wide trains or twister - corkscrew,hypercoaster - or compact inverted,Inverted shuttle,Inverted vertical shuttle.

I am currently on build d29af84



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