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Problem saving ride with scenery

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This started today when I save a ride. Picture 1 is the ride, picture 2 is what it looks like when you save a ride and select the scenery button.

There is extra items showing. I am using v0.0.5 build c43e3ee. It actually started with build 73e5d9d. As you see some pieces are already selected and other items ADDED.SCR2.pngSCR4.png

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I remember having some issues with saving track designs (with scenery) too lately which I didn't yet investigate. If you want it to be fixed sooner, you can file an issue on github or talk about it in the gitter chat.

Thanks for reporting.

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Could is be possible for the doors to be A. Underground or B. Misdrawn from the section above?

If they're underground, you'll have to remove base land to see them, as underground removes wall scenery.

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