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Station sync problem

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In Regular RCT2, it was possible to sync absent stations with "dummy" station in between. The dummys didn't need to be opened and didn't need any special mode settings, just the checkbox for "sync with nearby station enabled".  This doesn't work anymore in openrct2. Even an old savefile where it used to work now doesn't anymore. the trains on the actually used, outer tracks will never start. I could occasinally sync them up by testing the dummys in food stand mode. but they would randomly sync and not sync. Also, Guests wouldn't walk over paths that were build directly over the dummys with zero clearance. they used to don't bother the dummys and walk there anyway in the original game.




Another BIG problem:

Using the "Allow cars from other rides" cheat, the LIM coaster is missing in the dropdown list. This has bothered me for a long time and probably has been adressed, but It's critical because of the following reason:

Im trying to recreate a coaster with track merges. Normaly you can still select a liftspeed if you use a coaster with lifts possible as the main station. Since I can't pick LIM cars from the dropdown menu, I can only directly build a lim station, but then I can't change the liftspeed anymore since the lim coaster normally wouldn't have a lift. This is crucial, since the car won't make the loop without the lift beeing 11kmh. I can't use another train type because the recreation requires a 4 seater with shoulder restraints that can do loops & heartline rolls. Aka: Only the LIM.

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1 hour ago, NightHawk said:

Using the "Allow cars from other rides" cheat, the LIM coaster is missing in the dropdown list

This has nothing to do with the LIM coaster specifically: dropdowns in RCT2 can only show up to 64 items, so if you have more rides available than that you won't be able to select all of them. The only workaround right now is to deselect some rides you're not using until the train type you want shows up in the list.

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