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What did you think of the OpenRCT2 0.0.4 title sequence?

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If you did not know, I was the one to put together the OpenRCT2 0.0.4 title sequence. Since that will probably happen again in the future, I thought I would get your opinions on it. I tried to keep things very sawyer-ish, but some technical problems prevented me from doing something closer to the RCT1 title sequence, mainly the file size requirements and the transitions between parks. Too many parks and the title sequence gets too large to distribute, and every time a park loads there is a framerate drop so can't have too many of those.


I am eager to hear what you think about it.

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I love it! The only comment I can make on it though is probably personal preference and that is how the RCT1 title sequence cycled through what felt like dozens of parks. Not being good at the game, seeing those glimpses were the foundation for some of my designs as I couldn't unlock them. Basically what I'm saying is that add as many parks as possible. Don't stop adding parks. If you've added too many parks, add more parks. parks.

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I feel like the OpenRCT2 title sequences should how off features in Openrct2 but not in vanilla RCT2. For example, later title sequences could contain rides with track merging, invisible entrances, rides operating in non-default operating modes etc. but in a way where they are easy to notice but not overly done as to distract one from the beauty of the park itself.

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I'd ask for making night visuals enabled on Title Screen, but it's a shame that Night time changes the entire game-palette dynamically and not just the view-port of the game. Would be hard to grow accustomed to sudden darkening/blueing of the UI while seeing the Title Screen.

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