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Updates to the Track Design Manager

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Hi all,

This project is so cool! Having got that out of the way, I wanted to suggest some ease-of-use updates to the track design manager. I find myself having a lot of tracks and the manager as it stood in RCT2 was a bit clunky with managing them. So I wanted to suggest below some small enhancements that you might consider. Of course this is a pretty small thing compared with everything else you are busy with, but anyway, just thought I would throw this out there. Also, would it better to open a GitHub issue for this, or is this subforum good?

-> First, and perhaps the one that would save (me) the most time: When mousing over a track in the track list, you could press the backspace/delete key to instantly bring up the delete track prompt (removes the 2 clicks needed to get the prompt otherwise).

-> When there is a track which has unavailable scenery (I.e., shows the red text "Design includes scenery which is unavailable"), you could have an option to display one of the missing object files, like "Design includes scenery which is unavailable, including [name of one file]" to pinpoint what could be missing.

-> A zoom in/out button (maybe near the rotate track button) to zoom in and out on the track. Some tracks, particularly ones that are large on one axis but not on the other, do not get properly zoomed.

Anyway, just some suggestions. I think this community is great, it's amazing what you've done with the game. And I can actually play on my Mac!

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Usually when something's missing from the scenery, it's just not in the scenario. I know of no downloadable rides with CS.

RCT3 had a similar way of zooming, where holding on the schematic image would zoom it in. This probably woulden't quite work with the way RCT2 renders the images of saved ride designs. (The image is coded too be a specific zoom level away)

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RCT2 does not save an image of the track. When loaded in the game it simply creates a new ride and displays it inside the window to show a preview of the track. I don't know how the zoom level is determined. There's probably a table somewhere, which is fed by the amount of tiles in use or so. If so, it should switch this logic to pick the longest axis instead.

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