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Playing multiplayer with my GF.

Setup is as follows


Last updated:    2016-04-13
Release version:


-My rig

Win 10

I7 4790K OCd 4.5Ghz

32GB ram

GTX 980Ti EVGA FTW+ OCd 1440Mhz

1200W PSU

4K Asus 28"

Various other things


-Her Rig

Win 7

I5 4670

16GB Ram

GTX 970 EVGA FTW OCd 1450Mhz

650W PSU

21" 1600/900


Hosting server at default IP and port, Ports are forwarded.

We can usually play for a few mins before she De-syncs from me. From there on we can play like normal, just a few diffs (peep count, rides breaking down, small things)

Were now sitting about about 50 rides and we can play for more than an hour or so before I crash.


Just kinda dumping my data logs for the devs. Hope this helps for further development.





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At least he listed his PC specs. It may not have been needed at this time, and yes he did leave out the most important bit of info, but you gotta give him credit for that.

Also, just throwing an idea out there, would it be possible for the game to record the build in each dump file created? If not in the dump file itself, maybe in the name somewhere?

Link to comment is a very generalized and unclear term. Newer builds within 0.0.5 are released almost every few hours, and have a unique string of numbers and alphabets to distinguish the certain build from the rest. You can find it out from the down-left corner of the game on the main menu.

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