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terrain map edge glitch + Possible fix

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Ok, this is probably a known glitch but doing terrain editing near the edges of a map can cause the edge texture to glitch out. I think I've figured out what causes it and how it can be fixed.

It seems that using the mountain tool near the edge of the map can affect the 'invisible' edge tiles.SCR116.pngSCR118.pngSCR119.png

When this happens, the vertical terrain faces on the edge of the map glitch become extremely glitchy. Lowering the outermost visible tiles all the way down, then using the mountain tool on them by dragging it downwards seems to fix the glitch.SCR120.pngSCR121.pngSCR122.pngSCR123.png

Seeing as this started occurring when the update was released allowing us to claim the outermost visible tiles, I expect that the glitch occurs somewhere between the mountain tool's code and the code implemented for the land claiming.


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