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flat tiled roof

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I have been trying to find a FLAT colorable tiled roof. Something similar to the default roofs that come with the game but flat not slanted. I am not good at making my own scenery items (I actually suck at that) so I have given up trying. Any help would be appreciated.

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Did a little research and found that ALL of the coasters that Steve Parks put in his ride packs were built using RCT1, which did have different ground types, etc. Even though he "converted" most of the coasters to td6 the pics are still of the td4 rides.

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The current stable has a few bugs that were found out after the release, for example you can't rotate pre-build rides when trying to place them, and in the scenario editor you can open the ride interface. If there are any issues that annoy you, then try using the development version, as bugs will be fixed on there on the fly. Note that develop might be unstable at times, and you will encounter more bugs as new features are being implemented.

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I take it that the Launcher will keep me updated with the latest stable version if I set it up that way?

By the way, this game is the "Greatest thing since sliced bread"!

Is there a limit on the number of dats allowed? In the original RCT2 you could have over 6000 except you could not scroll the small scenery items in the scenario editor if you had more than about somewhere between 5000 and 5500 in the ObjData file.

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