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RCT 1 related issues.

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1. When I try to add RCT 1 Title Music either by having the program do it or me select via file I get the following error:


Also when I select any of the RCT 1 title screens it just goes back to default OpenRCT2


I'm using .4





Also note: I do have RCT 1 installed.  Also I do not have a CSS50.dat file in my RCT directory.  I even did a fresh install and still same issue.  Also I have NO RCT 1 scenarios showing in game.

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To my knowledge the game requires you to have remakes of the RCT1 parks in order to use them as title sequences. At least it used to, but now with support for RCT1 scenarios this might not be needed anymore. Still, there wouldn't be any harm if you just downloaded remakes. Here are the most commonly used ones: https://www.reddit.com/r/rct/comments/1h93gx/more_exact_recreations_of_rct1_scenarios_for_rct2/

The error message you are getting seems to tell that the program is unable to get permissions to access CSS50.dat. Check the permissions on it. It's probably set as a read-only file. :) 

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