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Set specific land that a player can build on!

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I was hoping for this option now out of anything else! If I can specify specific tiled areas that a player can build on would make the game so freaking amazing! The ability to have players have all their own sectioned off areas of the park that only they can play on would be great for easy cooperation and elimination of trolls etc :)

Thank you developers for everything you do!

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2 hours ago, imlegos said:

So... Like Sim City 2000 Networking Edition?

Yes, let's learn from previous failed attempts at multiplayer construction games. Or at least take them into consideration. :P

In all honesty though, I do feel like this is something that could end up ruining a good experience for many people. Confining people to a specific area could conflict with the efforts of many people who try to improve the park as a whole, and having to continuously remap other player's build areas could prove extremely time-consuming and boring for server owners and their moderators.

I'm not saying it was a bad idea on @ledust's part, but I do feel it is something that could become a major annoyance in the future.

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