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RCT1 title sequences

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this might be a simple question, but how can i add the RCT1 title sequences? I have RCT1 installed, but i can't find any information which files i should copy. I expect it's similar to the RCT1 title music. But if i select any RCT1 title sequence ingame, it just won't load and there is no message or hint what i should do. Thanks

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@Broxzier In fact, I happened to download a pack that I played back since 0.0.2 up to 0.0.3 and when I installed 0.0.4 I noticed the scenarios were slightly different. Everything was the same to my knowledge except a few landscaping things, but one specific scenario Kart and Coasters was a bit too different than what I had played on and thus the save file didn't load up correctly. I was still surprised the other scenario save files loaded up nicely though. 

Did 0.0.4 actually bundle with RCT1 scenario remakes? The above is only an explanation of what I think happened. Maybe I forgot how the scenarios looked, and that one save file was always buggy or something...

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