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Install UCES on OpenRCT2 for Mac?

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Hey all,

I found out about OpenRCT2 recently and I'm loving it again! It's been so many years, it's awesome! Now I want to try to install UCES as well, but I run OpenRCT2 on the Mac and UCES comes as a windows installer. I have tried installing UCES on a Windows machine and copying the files but the extra content doesn't show when I start OpenRCT2. 

Has anyone tried this before and make it work? Or does anyone have a suggestion on how I can get this to work? Thanks!

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I wasn't even intending to help... I was just explaining to Jan what it was... I guess my mentioning of how it's install works for Windows may have helped. But i had no intention to truly assist... You're welcome anyways. Also, if it came with a special .dat file, just rename it to CSS50.dat and put it into the data folder. You can fiddle around with some title screen options afterwards. If not, then just ignore this.

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